NBA 11/29/16 – Rockets vs Jazz

11/29/2016 – Date Numerology
11+29+20+16 = 76
11+29+2+0+1+6 = 49
1+1+2+9+2+0+1+6 = 22
11+29+16 = 56
11+29 = 40

Today to Year End – 32D, 1M 2D, 4W 4D. Span 33D, 1M 3D, 4W 5D.
1/1 to 11/29 – 333D, 10M 28D, 47W 4D. Span 334D, 10M 29D, 47W 5D.

Houston Rockets (11-6, 7-4 Away) vs Utah Jazz (10-8, 4-3 Home)

Houston Rockets – R59/R68/R77/O203
Houston – R31/R40/O112
Rockets – R28/R37/O91
Houston TX – R39/R48/O156

Utah Jazz – R32/O113
Utah – R14/O50
Jazz – R18/O63
Salt Lake City, UT – R44/R53/O179

This will be the 192nd regular season game. Jazz lead series 101-90
This will be the 230th game overall.  Jazz lead overall 122-108
Jazz looking for 102nd regular season win or 91st loss. 123rd overall or 109th loss
Rockets looking for 91st regular season win or 102nd loss. 109th win overall or 123rd loss

Rockets Coach regular season record 466-432. Playoffs 26-25.  Total all time 492-457
Rockets Coach going for regular season win 467th or 433rd loss. Overall 493rd win or 458th loss
First season with the Rockets

Rockets could improve to 12-6, 8-4 Away or lose 11-7, 7-5 Away
Jazz could improve to 11-8, 5-3 Home or lose 10-9, 4-4 Home

Rockets Coach Born 5/8/1951 – Age 65
5+8+19+51 = 83
5+8+1+9+5+1 = 29
5+8+51 = 64
5+8 = 13
Bday to Gday – 205D, 6M 21D, 29W 2D. Span 206D, 6M 22D, 29W 3D
Gday to Bday – 160D, 5M 9D, 22W 6D. Span 161D, 5M 10D, 22W 7D

Jazz Coach regular season record 88-94
This will be his 89th win or 95th loss.
This game is his 183rd game overall.

Jazz Coach born 10/30/1966 – Age 50
10+30+19+66 = 125
10+30+1+9+6+6 = 62
1+3+1+9+6+6 = 26
10+30+66 = 106
10+30 = 40
Bday to Gday – 30D, 4W 2D. Span 31D, 1M, 4W 3D.
Gday to Bday – 335D, 11M 1D, 47W 6D. Span 336D, 11M 2D, 47W 7D.

30 Minute Decode time.

1* – 5*
Pick – 5* Houston Rockets


7 thoughts on “NBA 11/29/16 – Rockets vs Jazz

  1. ryan says:

    Interestng…..0 for 2 , but I like the idea of you doing this and see where it goes….U should focus on the games with the big name players, All stars playing against their former teams, their home or college town, former coach, etc…..Are you gonna do football????


    • sports-bet-capper says:

      Not the start I wanted, but I shall learn from these losses. My focus are on games where the point spreads are within a few points, once in awhile I’ll try to decode a big upset, but lets face it, decoding NBA is difficult as is. I’m going to try to implement football as well, but my weekends are usually slam packed.


  2. john bean says:

    Ive been waiting for some nba gematria!! haha ive done a few games myself i made a spread sheet with team names coaches and i want to add players ill add it in the msg after this one.
    but first check this out, i think the bulls start off 10-8 as a tribute to the cubs in the world series that just happened if they loose tomorrow night to the lakers which i suspect the will as huge favourrites i might add guess who they play when their record is 10-7>>>>>> cleveland! to possible got to 10-8 with a loss which is suspect they will loose that game as well!

    long story short i think the lakers win tomorrow night in chicago as huge underdogs and it kinda makes sense they got smahed tonight by nwo and its the bulls first game back after a long road trip and the had 5 days off before this game tomorrow


  3. sports-bet-capper says:

    Spreadsheets are always nice to have.

    Becareful cause the Lakers just got more injuries lastnight. I like the 108 tribute, but I also like the 117 tribute. Bulls win tonight 11-6 and lose to Cleveland 11-7. Ohio = 117 in Jewish.


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