NBA 12/1/16 – Clippers vs Cavaliers

Quick decode.  I’m basing this off a win for the Cavs tonight and a loss next game at Chicago, record would be 14-4 (144) Mark of the Beast.  Chicago would then be 11-7.  Ohio = 117.  If Cleveland lose tonight they’ll be 13-4 and possible win at Chicago to be 14-4,  Chicago would be 10-8, 108th World Series drought for the Cubs.

Lebron 12/30/1984 – age 31.  #23.  14th season
Cavs lead series 73-49

Tyron Lue regular season 40-17, Playoffs 16-5. OVerall 56-22
17th game tonight

Cavs going for 10th win at home on a date numerology of 29.  10th prime = 29

Clippers lost, away record would be 7-4.  Cavs going for their 74th win in the series.

Lebron age 31.  11th prime = 31, Cavs home record with win 10-1 (11)

Cavs to improve 14-3 (143).
143 Divisors – 1, 11, 13, 143. (11) (13) –
13th prime = 41, Lue’s 41st regular season win and 57th win Overall

Fifty Seven = 131
Championship = 131
World Series = 57

Champion = 43. 14th prime = 43.  Cavs 14th win of the season.

My Picks – Cavs


5 thoughts on “NBA 12/1/16 – Clippers vs Cavaliers

    • ezplays says:

      I believe you just need to simply focus on the prime numbers, and the birthday to date connections with head coach to game day.

      Saying that, I bet Clippers last night, solely on the fact, they were embarrassed in Brooklyn the night before, (Cleveland is going to beat Chicago in Chicago Friday Night), therefore a Thursday loss to LA fit’s the narrative perfectly, of Cleveland righting the ship the next night in Chicago.


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