NBA 12/6/16 – Knicks vs Heat

Don’t have much time today, so this is a decode at first glance.

Knicks (11-9, 2-6 Away) vs Heat (7-13, 2-7 Home)

Knicks can go 12-9, 3-6 Away or 11-10, 2-7 Away
Heat can go 8-13, 3-7 Home or 7-14, 2-8 Home

21st game for both teams. 21st prime = 73, 3-7 Home Heat win
Knicks 12 wins, 12th Prime = 37, 3-7 Home win for Heat
Knicks with lost 11-10, Away 2-7. 27th prime = 103 – Heat stuck on 13 losses

Make sure you jump on the fade train.  I decode nothing but losers!

My Pick Heat, your pick Knicks


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