More Super Bowl 51 clues…

LIRR train slams into Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn, injuring 103 passengers

103? 13? Eli’s 13th year, Odell #13.

Nod to the 103rd Rose bowl?

“From the September 29, 2016 incident, until today’s incident, is 97-days, or a span of 98.”

“Eli Manning began this NFL season with 97 wins, securing his 98th win by defeating the Cowboys 20-19, September 11, 2016.”

From the 9/11 game to Dec 11 game vs Cowboys is 91 days.
Factors of 91 or 7 and 13, Triangular(13), 7th prime = 17, 2017? 13th prime = 41, Superbowl?

91 sum of Divisors = 112. – Houston = 112

Giants can go either 5-1 or 4-2 in SBs. Superbowl 51, Superbowl 42 where the Giants won.

More and more I can’t help think of this Pats/Giants Part 3, like Back to the Future part 3, came out 27 years ago, 27th prime = 103

Part 3 was mostly the old west, Cowboys? Couple train crashes. Run time 119 minutes.

It was the old west back in 1885, from 2016 to 1885 is 131 years.
“super bowl” English Ordinal = 131
“super bowl” English Reduction = 41
“championship” English Ordinal = 131
“fifty seven” English Ordinal = 131



2 thoughts on “More Super Bowl 51 clues…

  1. Bob Anderson says:

    If too many people find out you are correct you may cause them to flip the script. Or at a minimum pull down the odds for the Giants. We dont owe anyone free picks. Lets keep this on the down low. At least until the week before the game. Am I out of line for suggesting this?


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