1/15/17 NFL -Steelers vs Chiefs

I still like the alignment on the Patriots losing in the Super Bowl finishing the season 16-3, as they beat the defending champs 16-3, i have a post about it.

With that said, here are more clues for KC and Alex Smith, will they finally throw a bone to Smith this year?

Alex Smith #11
1/15/17 to Birthday – 112 days, 3 months 22 days. Span of 113 days.
Houston = 112
The synagogue of Satan = 322
K = 11 C = 3 (113)
SB to Birthday – 91 days, 3 months 2 days, 13 weeks. Span of 92 days, 3 months 3 days, 13 weeks 1 day
91 sum of divisors = 112
32nd prime = 131
Championship = 131
Kansas City = 32
Chiefs = 32
13th prime = 41, Super Bowl = 41

Those are a lot of syncing numbers, but WHY did they move tonight’s game back.. weather? They NEVER postpone games two days in advance.

Public $ is on Pitt right now, one must ask why is KC only 1.5 favorite?  At home #2 seed should be at least 3 point favorites…  the line is currently 2.5.  If the public bets stay above 75% on Pitt, this pick is a go!

I’ll update closer to game time

Lean Chiefs


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