NFL – Super Bowl LI – Patriots vs Packers

I think whoever is coming out of the NFC is going to win the SB; Why?  Because I have the Patriots losing in the SB and NFC winning their 27th SB. I think Matt Ryan is like Alex Smith, those guys aren’t going to win shit in their career.

I blogged about how I thought Patriots would win their last 2 games after Week 15, and they did.

Patriots beat last years SB champs Denver in Week 15!  15th prime  = 47, again 47th modern era SB. The score was 16-3. Patriots are currently 15-2 on the season, with a win vs the Steelers, they’ll be 16-2.  With a loss in the SB, they’ll be 16-3.

27th NFC SB Victory – 27th prime = 103.  Remember that Brooklyn train crash that injured 103 people? Rose Bowl was also the 103rd Rose Bowl.

From the September 29, 2016 train crash, until LIRR Train incident, is 97-days, 97th NFL Season

McCarthy can get win #126 in the SB. SB 31 Packers vs Patriots was on Jan 26 or 1/26.

Deflategate = R41
Green Bay = R41
Rodgers = R41
LIRR = O57

Playoff Home/Away record should be 7-3 after the Conference games.
Packers = O73
Patriots = R37


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